ACR’s Guide To The Autumnal Cleaning Blitz

October 24, 2019 2:28 pm Published by

The annual spring clean is well documented all over the world, as people spruce their homes ready for the incoming summer. However, many people neglect cleaning as the weather takes a turn for the colder and the nights start to draw in; and according to leading health experts, this should be the time that we give our homes a much needed deep clean.

According to findings by Dr Lisa Ackerly in 2015, bacteria and dirt are at their peak in autumn, due to the onset of central heating usage and a reduction in ventilation as windows and vents are closed due to the cold.

To help tackle the task of cleaning your home this autumn, the good folk at ACR Cleaning have compiled these handy tips to help you focus your attention on the key area’s you need to take care of.

A breath of fresh air – Open windows & vents

It might be the last thing you want to do as the temperatures start to drop, but keeping your home well ventilated can help reduce the amount of stale air, as this coupled with moisture in can lead to issues with mould. Opening your windows at least once a day can help trapped air and moisture escape (this is particularly true if you’re drying clothes indoors).

Another benefit to keeping homes ventilated is the number of pathogens in the air ill be reduced, decreasing the likelihood that you will pick up unwanted bugs.

If you’re concerned about moisture in the air in certain parts of your home or ventilation is an issue, consider using a dehumidifier.

A soft touch – Thoroughly clean soft furnishings

As comfy as all those pillows and duvets are, they are a breeding ground for micro-organisms and microscopic bugs like mites! If you think about it makes sense, dead skin cells, crumbs and hair all accumulate on the areas that we spend the most time and soft furnishings are particularly fibrous so pick up more of these particles. This, in turn, allows bacteria to thrive if not kept in check and also created the perfect breeding ground for mites.

Giving soft furnishing a hoover (or even better a steam clean) can help keep on top of this and avoid further issues.

Mind the carpet!

Your flooring, especially carpeted areas, go through a lot during the year but with the onset of autumn comes the possibility of more grime making its way into the fibres. Vacuuming the carpets, especially under sofas and under furniture is a good way to get rid of surface grime but it doesn’t deal with the problem of ingrained dirt so well.

Shampooing carpets and rugs is the only way to get into the fibres and lift away dirt for a thoroughly deep and hygienic clean. You can also try steam cleaning as an extra, as it is effective at killing nasties such as mites and parasites (particularly useful if you have pets).

*Note: Always test cleaners on a small inconspicuous area before use.

Be hard with germs on hard surfaces!

Thoroughly wipe down all hard surfaces, particularly those on which you prepare food on. Use a disinfectant spray to sanitise kitchen work surfaces and use an antibacterial spray to clean down bathroom surfaces. Limescale can become a haven for germs to breed on so removing these deposits is vital to keeping areas around bath taps hygienic.

*Note: As with carpet cleaners, always use the spot test method on a small area first.

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