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For all our carpet cleaning services we use the same equipment as we do for our commercial carpet cleaning contracts throughout Cambridge. We use a truck-mounted diesel-powered steam cleaning machine which delivers the most thorough job currently possible.

Of course, our technicians will qualify the work which needs to be done on-site prior to beginning the clean (in order to ensure that the correct techniques and chemicals are used for your particular carpet). Our head cleaner and company director, Anthony Ramsey, has over 20 years of carpet cleaning experience and couldn’t be better qualified for the job.

In addition to this we like to consider the well being of our clients and ensure that the carpet cleaning products we use are checked for any allergies you may have as our client.

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How to get wax out of carpet?

Place a dampen white towel over the wax. Press with a hot iron, set at max temperature, for 15 seconds slotsduck. Repeat the process until all wax is removed. The hot iron will absorb the wax from the carpet into the towel.

How long does it take for a carpet to dry?

Depending on the type of carpet and weather on the day of the clean, drying can take between 2 to 6 hours. We also have an instant drying service available. Carpets are left only lightly damp and are ready to walk on. Quite regularly we get called to put right another Cleaner’s mistakes. Please remember when employing a carpet cleaner that not all of them are members of a carpet cleaners association.

What about marks and stains?

A vast majority of marks and stains are removed during the cleaning procedure. Food and drink spillages, Tar, candle wax, grease and oil marks can usually be removed during cleaning with specialised treatments. That said, certain stains such as coffee, tea and food dye stains have changed the colour of the fibre, to verify removal, these must be tested. In the case of heavy staining, this will require more time and specialist chemicals to achieve the required results.

Will cleaning reduce the life of my carpet?

This method removes the soil, sand and grit, which is trampled in and comes to rest deep within the pile. This can fray and cut the fibres, and through frictional wear, greatly reduce the lifespan of the carpet.
As well as extending the carpet life by years, it will also go some way to help maintain a healthy living environment. It is recommended that Carpets in well trodden area’s should be cleaned between every 6 months to a year,depending on level of traffic, to keep them in good condition.

What cleaning system do you use?

We use the latest, deep cleaning, commercial high performance hot water extraction system, sometimes referred to as steam cleaning. This system is very thorough and ensures the best possible results. It is highly effective at removing traffic marks, most types of stains and restoring carpets to good condition and is safe and kind to all carpet types,including wool and wool mixes. Each carpet is inspected and treated with the appropriate cleaning product.Non residue products used so carpets will not re-soil quickly.Leading carpet manufactures recommend the system we use.

Some of our work

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Things included:
  • Complete property cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of all carpeted areas
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • In the Kitchen ‘ Deep clean of all kitchen appliances and includes descaling of taps and sinks . Ovens are not included but can be priced for separately if required.
  • Bathrooms ‘ Deep clean of baths and toilets and includes descaling of taps and sinks
  • Complete Vacuum Cleaning’ of all areas
  • Complete wipe down and clean of all skirting boards/doorframes
  • Complete dusting of all areas high & low

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  • I would just like to thank you for the splendid job your team did for us at our new house near Aylesbury today. It certainly made a huge difference to have the whole house cleaned in such a professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending your company and would happily use you again should the need arise.

  • Thank for the wonderful job you done today, you are the best cleaning company I know, very professional and very good rates – Andrew Arnold

  • Thank you. My carpet looks lovely and clean and smells wonderful thanks! – Patricia Harrigan – Clarke