What are the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company over in house & employee cleaning?

August 28, 2019 1:35 pm Published by

When setting up a business or even if you are an already established SME, it is quite easy to overlook cleaning services; especially with more pressing things taking up large chunks of your budget (wages, office equipment etc). However, maintaining a clean and healthy office environment is important and that’s where hiring a professional cleaning company can make a huge difference.

Hiring a professional cleaning service can save money 

Hiring your own in-house cleaning staff can be a bit of an investment. There are not just the wages to take into consideration, but things like holiday pay, sick leave etc. Not to mention that you will need to supply the equipment and re-stock supplies. When it comes down to it most small to medium enterprises requiring flexibility in the budget will be hard-pressed to make it a cost-effective investment. Hiring a professional cleaning company can be a much more financially viable option as well as providing a high standard of results.

It allows employees to priorities their own work

Hiring a professional cleaning company will allow your employees to get on with their own tasks at hand and avoid having to break away from their own workload to clean their desk etc. You can also be assured that the job will be done to a professional standard using the correct equipment.

Cleaning companies will have their own specialist equipment and expertise

Professional cleaning companies will have specialist equipment at their disposal such as steam cleaners etc, that otherwise, you might not have access to. Professionals will also have access to eco-friendly cleaning solutions as well as trained and qualified staff. 

The service can fit around your business’s operation

Another advantage of hiring a professional cleaning company is that it provides you with the flexibility to schedule cleaning work around the day to day operation of your business. You can also request specific cleaning solutions, such as steam cleaning upholstery, as well as property management cleaning services.

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  • I would just like to thank you for the splendid job your team did for us at our new house near Aylesbury today. It certainly made a huge difference to have the whole house cleaned in such a professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending your company and would happily use you again should the need arise.

  • Thank for the wonderful job you done today, you are the best cleaning company I know, very professional and very good rates – Andrew Arnold

  • Thank you. My carpet looks lovely and clean and smells wonderful thanks! – Patricia Harrigan – Clarke